Overcoming the "Perfect Storm"

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First off, what is the "perfect storm?"  We see so many kids struggling in their health here at DFC, the story with each being largely the same. The "perfect storm" is created by what we call the three T's; trauma's, toxins, and thoughts (stress). Our kids get overwhelmed by these T's in a wide range of ways; traumatic birth, playground spills, toxic food dyes and preservatives... technology overload, etc.. The average child today has as much anxiety as your typical 1950's mental patient. While most people, and frankly even healthcare professionals, are more concerned about dodging sickness (avoiding germs, hand washing, vaccinations, etc.) at DFC, we are obsessed with building health and resistance. We do this by de-stressing the most important system in children's bodies, the Central (Autonomic) Nervous System. Over-stimulation of the Vagus Nerve has proven to lead our kids down a path of colic, digestive issues, allergies, ADHD, even sensory processing disorders, and believe me, the list goes on. Many parents are stuck believing genetics is the cause and that there isn't anything they can do about it. The newest research begs to differ, I urge parents with kids struggling with any health condition to Google "epigenetics" and discover how the three T's could be affecting their child and also "Vagus Nerve" to see how the over-stimulation of the autonomic nervous system can send a child spiraling out of control.

If your kiddo is suffering, or if you would like more information about how the perfect storm could be affecting your child, I invite you into our office for a free consultative workshop, where we cover specific CAUSES and specific, natural SOLUTIONS.