Top 3 Chiropractic Myths "Busted"

In some circles chiropractic continues to get bad press despite a mountain of scientific research that prove it to be both an effective and better way to heal. As a chiropractor and huge supporter of the profession and healing, I feel it’s high time to put many of the misconceptions surrounding our life's-calling to rest. There are so many myths out there it would be impossible to address them all but I will start with the 3 most commonly spread today.

Myth #1: Chiropractic is dangerous.

Truth: This in reality is the complete opposite.  Science has shown chiropractic to be incredibly safe, a much safer and conservative treatment relative to our medical counterparts. In fact, studies have shown that activities such as salon shampooing, gazing at the stars and dancing are much more dangerous than a mere chiropractic adjustment.

Myth #2: Once you go to the chiropractor, you’ll always have to go.

Truth: The choice to go to the chiropractor for routine maintenance and continued health is yours. In our office, we build customized corrective care plans for our patients.  As we encourage our patients at the end of their corrective care plan to choose maintenance, the choice is theirs. Nobody harps on their dentist for suggesting a maintenance appointment every six months, chiropractic is no different.

Myth #3: Chiropractic care is not effective.

Truth: Millions of people have benefitted from chiropractic care, and millions more continue to benefit from it today. People such as Tiger Woods, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lance Armstrong, Christie Brinkley and so many others rely on chiropractic to keep them strong, healthy and doing what they do.

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