Maintaining a Low Back Curve

Yesterday, we touched on sciatic nerve pain and its common origin of spinal degeneration. Today, lets talk about the degeneration that can occur specifically in the low back. Your low back curve starts developing as an infant. As soon as you are born and look up at the world your neck curve forms. Through tummy time, learning to sit, then crawl, and finally walking, the three distinct curves of your spine develop. If at any point this normal developmental schedule is broken long-term spinal issues may occur. For example, when a baby decides it's time to walk before they learn to crawl or when parents put their child in a baby walker too early before they can stand on their own the likelihood of curvature abnormalities increases. In the case above, we typically see an individual with an excessive low back curve, sometimes referred to as swayback. This can lead to low back pain as a young adult and early degenerative changes in the transition zones of the low back. A chronic misalignment of the lower vertebrae of the spine can also lead to early degeneration. In this circumstance many times the low back curve flattens as the discs of the the vertebrae slowly collapse and excess pressure in put on the spinal cord and adjacent nerve roots. In closing, as a parent do your best to encourage your kids in the natural developing process: first sit, then crawl, and then walk. Encouraging walking too early can be damaging. Lastly, be sure to get checked by your chiropractor for spinal misalignment. You want your low back to last you your whole life and you only get one!

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