The 2 Most Dangerous Chemicals in Your Home - And How to Avoid Them!

You and your family are not as safe in your home as you may think. For years now many people have realized the dangers of a chemical called bisphenol A or "BPA." It can be found in plastics and some paper products. BPA has been linked to breast and prostate cancer, heart disease, and even diabetes. Low doses can affect your hormones and be a health hazard. Since the media has picked up the subject, material producers have removed BPA from consumables and started labeling products "BPA Free" in exchange for using bisphenol S or "BPS." A new study from the journal of Endocrinology now shows similar dangers with the new replacement. BPS triggers fat production in the body, similar to BPA.  It is now proven to mess with hormone production and balance. A study earlier this year from the same journal also found BPS speeding up fetal development and altering hormones in the reproductive system. Researchers have discovered that 90%-95% of Americans have BPA in their bodies.  Even scarier is they haven't even started testing for BPS.....yet. The dangers are real and there are 5 steps to take right now to avoid the dangers as best you can.

1. Beware of convenient coffee. K-cups are class 7 plastic, FDA approved as "BPA Free," but this type of plastic almost always contains BPS. Heating up K-cup plastic seeps the chemical right into your coffee.

2. Avoid plastic bottles. Most are BPA free but BPS testing has not been completed.

3. Buy fresh. Canned goods have some of the highest levels of BPA.  When they finally make the switch, in mid-2017, to "BPA Free" we will still have to worry about BPS.

4. Say no thank you to receipts. Newspapers and receipts have high levels of BPA. Use online banking to keep records or have retailers email you a receipt.

5. Avoid microwaving or dishwashing kitchen items that contain plastic. Even if it is microwave safe plastic, BPS is probably still present.

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Source: Retirement Millionaire Daily, Dr. David Eifrig