3 Things You Need to Know For Your Body to Heal Naturally

Chiropractors have been teaching this truth of healing for over a century: that our body was born with everything we need for health and healing. For example, cortisone is made atop your kidneys, hormones are constantly produced within your brain and other organs, enzymes are created in your liver/pancreas, and oxygen is being utilized throughout your bloodstream. Now listen, our bodies have the ability to regenerate every 5 years. Every 3 years you have a new heart, every year a new kidney, and every 11 months, a new stomach. We constantly brush off old cells, not worrying because our body creates new ones daily. And we never have to think about it! That sounds pretty amazing but how does it all work? 

It works because our nervous system is the master control of all other systems of the body. This inborn ability to regenerate and heal lives within our nervous system.  It is actually present at the moment your mom's egg and your dad's sperm come together. It's the power that formed and grew you into who you are today. This power has a name.  In science, it's called innate intelligence, and it lives in our nervous system. It flows down from the brain, into the spinal cord and fires messages from inside your spinal cord out to every muscle, organ, and tissue, and directly affecting every cell of your body, via your nerves. This neurological, or innate flow, from above-down-inside-out is key to understand. The number one way to heal your body naturally is to ensure this flow is working at 100%. Just a few ounces of pressure on a nerve can decrease its flow by 30%.  That's 30% less life going into your muscles, vital organs, and tissues. It's a huge deal. To heal naturally you don't have to do anything necessarily, just remove the nerve interference and allow your body to do what it's made to do, adapt and thrive. These are the necessities:

1. You need 100% nerve flow from your brain down through your spinal cord, and from your cord through your nerves to every inch of your body.

2. To ensure 100% life flow, you need to be misalignment free, no pressure on the spinal cord or nerves as they exit the spine. Vertebral misalignments are commonly called "subluxations" by chiropractors and can be checked for and corrected by a chiropractor allowing 100% flow.

3. You need to avoid accumulating subluxations in the first place. Not all subluxations are avoidable, thats why chiropractic exists, but healthy life choices equal long-term health. Get assessed by a chiropractor today for nerve interference. 

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