The Three "T's" of Subluxation

The three "T's" are common language amongst chiropractors. Without these three things chiropractors wouldn't exist, we wouldn't need to. I'm talking about the three causes of vertebral misalignment commonly called subluxations. When you talk to your chiropractor you'll hear all about how your spine is subluxated and in need of correction. In case you are not familiar, subluxation occurs in the spine, it is when two or more vertebrae shift out of their proper alignment and are no longer moving and gliding like they should. When this occurs, over time the individual may notice a number of different symptoms. These symptoms arise because subluxations cause nerve interference as those misaligned bones put pressure and tension on the neurological tissue it covers. The result will be pain and dysfunction and even worse, a decrease in the body's ability adapt to its environment. What causes these subluxations, you ask? The three "T's."

  1. Traumas: I'm talking about big traumas and little traumas. The slips and falls and the postural stress you put yourself through spending hours on your computer or driving in your car. It's not hard to imagine how these traumas can build over time and what may be a small issue can turn into something much more damaging. These stresses are hard to avoid, accidents happen and we all have to work. That's why having a principled chiropractor who can routinely check for subluxation and nerve interference is key to longevity. 
  2. Thoughts: Emotional stress is a big issue in our society. We have busier schedules than ever before as a nation. Americans deal with family stress, work stress, financial stress, and health stress, just to name a few. Remember back to a time you felt emotional strain, what did that do to your body? I bet if you looked at yourself in the mirror at that moment you would see your shoulders pulled up, your head sitting forward, heart rate increased, your neurological fight and flight mode would be in full throttle. The nervous system can't handle this type of stress for long before it starts to shut circuits down and transitions to survival mode. Subluxations start popping up once we hit a critical stage. These emotional stresses will happen, again that is why chiropractors are here to check and correct for neurological interference. 
  3. Toxins: Toxic and chemical stresses are everywhere in this day in age of fast food, round-up, pharmaceutical abuse, GMOs, EMFs, BPAs (see earlier blog post about this nasty one) and a whole slew of other harsh toxins in our environment. Many studies have proven how toxins damage our bodies in many ways, one way specifically is subluxation. Many chemicals we encounter on a daily basis are neurologically toxic and cause our nerves to either fire excessively or dampen the signals which creates internal confusion. This nerve interference then negatively alters the bodies functionality putting excess stress on our structural supports. Thank God we have chiropractors to help restore proper nerve flow after we encounter these toxins. 

Dr. David DeMoulin

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