Another Baby Miracle Testimony

When your child's health is failing, life stops. This was the case with a young woman in my office. Her child developed a case of torticollis shortly after birth. In this condition, one's head is stuck, bent to one side, while the head rotates to the opposite. It's a sad sight with a number of reasons behind it, but infant torticollis almost always is the result of birth trauma. Not only did this little boy have torticollis, but he was extremely colicky and was having nursing difficulties, which was leading to infant weight loss. The mom was frantic to find a solution. After her pediatrician had prescribed physical therapy with little success, she was told she would have to stop nursing her infant and start supplementing because of her boy's weight loss. 

I told this mom what I could offer, a neurological assessment to see if chiropractic could help. She agreed hesitantly. She had been told it was a "muscular problem" and a result of how her son laid in the womb and she didn't see how chiropractic could help when PT couldn't. As I explained how the nervous system works and revealed the results of her child's neurological assessment, hope sparked within her. This child had a severe misalignment in the top vertebrae of his neck causing massive neurological irritation. With the same pressure as you would test a peach at the supermarket, I applied a gentle adjustment on a specific bone in a specific direction and watched this baby's body relax. Mom picked her son up and instantly he held his head in the neutral position. It only took two additional visits for the adjustments to hold and for the baby to be completely free of torticollis. The colicky behavior disappeared and the boy was nursing full throttle and gained nearly six ounces in two days.

When you remove nerve interference, muscles can balance and life is brought back. Babies often suffer whiplash-type injuries from the birth process, especially one with heavy medical intervention. These injuries can lead to nursing troubles, colicky behavior, reflux, head tilts, and even misshapen heads. It's vital we get our children checked for nerve interference so they can have the best start in life. 

David DeMoulin, DeMoulin Family Chiropractic, Wheaton, IL

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