Ripple Effect Event in Wheaton IL : Sensory, ADHD, Autism Presentation

Dear Parents,

Many of you spend hours on the internet or consulting pediatricians and specialists trying to figure out how to help your child sleep more, eat better, quit crying so much, have fewer meltdowns, and up their focus. Most parents wish their kids could tell them what's really going on, why they don't feel right or why they're upset. A few of you may have even received a diagnosis from a pediatrician or specialist which finally was able to label the symptoms in which kept you awake at night. There are many labels such as ADD, SPD, ADHD, ODD, or just the autism spectrum. The most important part is if your doctor was able to tell you how you can make things better for your child. My guess is not.

It's been 4 years since I began helping parents recognize the Ripple Effect in their kids. After speaking with hundreds of parents, most have the same worries: excessive crying, colic, gassy pains, projectile spit-up, sensory challenges, motor and speech delays, behavior problems, etc... 

Deep inside, as a parent, you hold a hope that your child can feel better, but that label wants to tell you differently. What's exciting is - labels aren't forever! Your kiddo can feel better. The truth is, I'm going to share with you an immense amount of stories in order to help that hope deep inside swell larger.

Your doctors may have told you, "The cause is still unknown" or lets take the "watch and wait" route. I will show you the causes you've been looking for but haven't found, what most doctors don't talk about. The best part is, then I'm going to help you help your child.

Attention! There is no one solution, there are many, and I want to show them to you when you join me to learn more about the Ripple Effect. You need to know your options and choices, but most of all you need to know which ones matter the most!

3 Necessary Steps to Help you Kiddo

The Truth (though sometimes difficult)

The rules will be broken in the Ripple Effect workshop. We will talk about all the reasons our kids are sick. Sickness comes from the inside and outside. We will help put together all the information you will need to discover why your kid is struggling.

The Tools

I will provide action steps that you can utilize to start making a difference NOW. These steps include what is critical to help stop things from worsening. Then, I will help you find a way to get rid of your child's triggers.

The Results

You will hear stories of so many parents helping their children beat the labels. Stories will include, autism spectrum, sensory challenges, ADHD, colic, digestive issues, asthma, and allergies.

How to Attend

Two upcoming dates are being offered to accommodate busy schedules. Be sure to RSVP by either clicking the "Make an Appointment" tab in the upper right hand corner, then including in your message the RSVP date you'd like to attend. You can also e-mail us directly at Or call the office at 630-269-9435.

Where and When

Panera Bread, Rice Lake Square, Wheaton, IL. 

Tuesday, Feb. 7th @ 10:30AM

Thursday, Feb. 9th @ 6:30PM

Cost is free to attend, light refreshments will be provided.

Grab a Seat, we are excited to help you help your kiddo!