Live healthy by eliminating these 3 things

There are 3 main forms of stress: physical or traumatic; mental/emotional; and toxic and chemical. If the body fails to adapt and process these stresses they will internalize and create dysfunction within the body. Sometimes this dysfunction is displayed as body aches and headaches, or sometimes it gets displayed as fatigue, frequent sickness, or internal distress. As a chiropractor I work to eliminate these internalized stresses and help the body return to its adaptive, self-healing state.

Patients can ruin the work done in our office by continually exposing themselves to toxic chemicals, whether in their foods or cleaning products they frequently use. Or, the drama of everyday life or unfortunate circumstances can lead to the same. Lastly, postural stress from looking at devices, or sitting at a desk, or commuting long hours can also hinder progress towards health.

Identifying and eliminating your stressors is key to long-term health. There isn't one stressor that can't be managed to some extent. You have to work towards health and nobody said it should be easy. Under the direction of a professional it can be made easier. Cheers to chiropractors all over the world for helping people live better, healthier lives.

-Dr. David 

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