Your Emotions Are Making You Sick!

There is a system in your body much like your digestive system or respiratory system that controls and coordinates your emotions. This system is called the limbic system, and while most people believe emotions only live in your head, there are control centers for emotional processing found within the spinal cord. Brain and spinal cord chemicals produced by these control centers not only display emotion but can also determine, through the coordination of the autonomic nervous system, functional health.

Tension and inflammation on the spinal cord can inhibit normal limbic system function, reducing chemical production or creating a chemical imbalance leading to issues like depression, anxiety, increased pain signals, or decreased immunity.

Research has shown longstanding suppressed anger will, in turn, actually alter the shape and curve of your neck where there are multiple levels of limbic processing centers. Forward head carriage, rounded shoulders, and a hunchback presentation are hallmarks of this structural change.

Neurologically based chiropractic care can reduce the tension and inflammation from within these control centers and help your body fight against negative emotional stress. This type of care has helped individuals struggling with depression, anxiety, pain disorders, and frequent illness all caused by neurological irritation within the limbic system.

-Dr. David

DeMoulin Family Chiropractic is a family care office located in Wheaton, IL. Dr. DeMoulin specializes in neurologically based chiropractic care utilizing torque release technique.