If Your Spine Was On Your Face...

"If your spine was on your face you'd take better care of it." -Dr. Richard Milne

When it comes to cosmetics a little blemish or wrinkle is a BIG deal, especially when it's on your face. Most people frantically find a way to cover it up or find a cure. There are multiple billion dollar industries solely dedicated to how we look outwardly. 

The only time most people think about their spine is if it hurts or if they have developed a scoliosis which affects their structural appearance. This is sad because your spine is the transmission highway from brain to body. A tiny "blemish" or "wrinkle" may not be noticed at first but may have a profound effect on how your body functions down the road. Because the spine houses your neurological highway it is highly guarded and protected. The body has such powerful compensation mechanisms that your spinal muscle can bend steel.

Such a complex network needs to be maintained and, if left unchecked for too long, serious issues can emerge. When a patient asks me, "Why do I have degeneration in my spine? I'm only 30 years old!" The answer is they started out with a tiny "blemish" which snowballed with time into something much more severe. We routinely visit our dentists to ensure a crisis isn't developing, why don't we do the same with the spine?

Bottom line, get checked. If you think there is a problem there probably is and the longer you wait the longer correction takes and the more money you'll have to spend.

-Dr. DeMoulin

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