Wheaton Small Business "Rookie of the Year!"

What a crazy year it has been opening up this office and bringing neurologically based care to the community of Wheaton. From build-out to our Grand opening to seeing life-changing results on a weekly basis. It is an honor to receive this award and an honor to serve the community in which I was raised!

Looking back, over 2016 I wanted to share my top 3 favorite success stories.

1. A young boy with classic sensory issues (anti-social, extremely picky eater, sensitive to noise) came into the office whose mother heard chiropractic may be able to help. We detected a highly suppressed Vagus nerve (cranial nerve near brain stem) leading the boy to be driven into, what we call, "overdrive." His nervous system was all gas pedal with no brakes, Ferrari engine with Ford Focus braking system. After about 1 month of care, an extreme shift in behavior started. Trying new foods, asking to go to the park to play with other kids, extreme noise sensitivity almost gone completely. We were able to balance his brain's ability to communicate with his body effectively, no drugs, just pure neurologically based chiropractic.

2. Middle-aged man with multiple levels of disc herniation's. Surgeons said it wasn't bad enough for surgery and physical therapy offered little help. This poor guy was in excruciating pain and discomfort, even ended up quitting his job in hopes that would help.  It took a handful of adjustments before a major change occurred. After one particular adjustment, nothing different was done (just allowing for time and repetition), the pain in his neck and shoulders was gone instantly. He kept asking, "What did you do different?" Nothing. Sometimes the body has to be brought to a place of balance before it can be healed.

3. So many headache patients we have seen this past 2016. One case was so bad he had given up hope and came into our office in hopes to resolve a shoulder issue. He wouldn't even talk about his headaches because he was dead set with the idea nothing would ever help. After two weeks of care his shoulder healed and he had gone the full two weeks headache-free! You don't have to believe in it for it to work and that is living proof.

If you are ever in the the Danada Square East neighborhood and we haven't had the chance to meet, please stop by. We love engaging with our community. We are between the Dunkin Donuts and Jersey Mike's facing Naperville road. Never hesitate to contact us with health-related questions, consults can be done over the phone or in the office complimentary.

Dr. David DeMoulin