Float therapy

what is floating?

Our flotation pod contains over 1,000 pounds of ultra pure imported Epsom salt from Germany mixed with over 260 gallons of water, which creates a soothing solution, about one foot deep. The solution is then heated to approximately 96 degrees F, or skin temperature.

When the floater settles in the water it is nearly impossible to sense which parts of the body are in direct contact with the water and which are not. The sense of weightless floating thus begins the therapeutic experience.

The Epsom-salt solution creates buoyancy that takes away the bodily effects of gravity and brings the floater to an experience of complete weightlessness. Besides space travel, this experience is the only resolution from the damaging forces of gravity.

At this point, the floater can choose their float experience. The floater can choose to enjoy the sound-proof pod with the pod’s interior lights turned off, where the quietness and darkness will allow the individual to process away stress in the deepest possible state of relaxation.

Some floaters may enjoy stress-relieving underwater acoustics instead of silence as well as soothing, multi-color light animations instead of darkness. These features can be controlled within the pod to suit each individual floater.

A vast amount of brain power is used each micro-second in order to process and adapt to all of our sensory information (90% of normal neuromuscular activity). Removing all sensation of gravity, temperature, touch, sight and sound frees the Nervous System, which enables the body to process away stored up stress while floating.

Floating conserves and redirects vast amounts of physical and mental energy.  It also resets the body’s hormonal and metabolic balance, accelerating recovery from exercise, injury, illness, and stress. The float experience leaves the individual in a dream-like state with the logical side of the brain able at rest. Beta waves are your normal waking hour brain waves; when floating these beta waves transition to deep alpha, theta and even delta waves, pushing the brain into a deep healing state where endorphins are released.

One can achieve this in a matter of minutes by relaxing in the warm, silky waters of a float pod at FloatTherapy Wheaton!

verified benefits:

  • Help with stress and insomnia
  • Achieve metabolic balance
  • Decrease exercise recovery times
  • Increase dopamine and endorphins
  • Help with anxiety and depression
  • Lower lactic acid and cortisol
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Relieve chronic pain

rates and hours

1-hour float: $68 (package rates available)

Floating hours: Monday - Friday (9 AM - 5 PM), Saturday (9 AM - 2 PM) & Sunday by appointment