First Visit

We encourage you to print, fill out, and bring in the New Practice Member forms before coming in for your initial visit in order to save time. When you come for your first visit, our goal is for you to leave with no questions.  You will initially get an educational tour of the office, followed by your specific, scientific chiropractic assessment.  With our state-of-the-art technology, we will locate the specific source of the issue, called the vertebral subluxation.  A postural scan will be implemented into the initial assessment as well, in order to analyze structural health.  Chiropractic postural spinal x-rays may be requested as well, dependent on your spinal health history.

Second Visit

The second visit is called the Principled Doctor’s Report. During this visit, we will go over the findings from your assessment, give our recommendations for care, and you will receive your first specific, scientific, chiropractic adjustment.